Dennis P. Wall, PhD, FACMI

Founder of Cognoa & Professor of Pediatrics, Biomedical Data Science, and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University & Cognoa
  • Stanford University & Cognoa
  • United States of America

About Dennis P. Wall, PhD, FACMI

Dr. Dennis P. Wall, PhD is Professor of Pediatrics (Systems Medicine), of Biomedical Data Science and, by courtesy, of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Medical School. He is also the Founder of Cognoa, a leading pediatric behavioral health company. Cognoa is developing digital diagnostic and therapeutic products with the goals of enabling earlier and more equitable access to care and improving the lives and outcomes of children and families living with behavioral health conditions. At Stanford, Dr. Wall leads a lab in Pediatric Innovation focused on developing methods in biomedical informatics to disentangle complex conditions that originate in childhood and perpetuate through the life course, including autism and related developmental delays.

Subject Areas

Artificial Intelligence Diagnostics Mental Health Paediatrics Prevention

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